Mistletoe decorations


We make Christmas decorations from fresh mistletoe (VISCUM ALBUM), made by an experienced team of florists. We cut mistletoe from tree species: apple, acacia, willow found in landscape parks and apple orchards. Our mistletoe decorations come in three different varieties: bundles, wreaths and balls. Due to the solid and careful craftsmanship and qualities of the mistletoe of the evergreen plant, our decorations are gaining more and more interest.

green mistletoe bunch

Bunches of mistletoe(Viscum Album)

The bunches of mistletoe is a real classic of the species. Such decorations you can hang on the door or wall, but they look great in vases too. Discreet, natural Christmas decorations are also suitable for offices, offices and other places, in that we don't want to create the impression of chaos. They also often decorate balustrades, counters and the  We create bouquets for you in two variant: 30 cm and 40 cm.


Mistletoe balls are the most popular use of this evergreen plant. They can be classic and devoid of ornamentation, decorated with a beautiful ribbon or enriched with fancy extras. We hang them over the table, door, fireplace, furniture or curtain rods. This traditional Christmas decoration creates a unique, festive atmosphere in every single interior. It blends beautifully with red, gold and silver accessories.

Mistletoe balls

Sprigs of mistletoe

Sprigs of mistletoe provide a space for our creativity. We can create natural wreaths or atmospheric bouquets that will beautifully decorate the interior. Mistletoe feels great in the company of rowan, cones, ruddy apples and nuts, which bring to mind Christmas pastries. In fact, all Christmas decorations with mistletoe look wonderful - the rest depends on our fantasy.

Sprigs of mistletoe

Mistletoe (Viscum Album) properesti

Mistletoe (Viscum Album) is a green, dense shrub from the sandalwood family. It grows on deciduous and coniferous trees. Mistletoe was considered a unique plant by the ancient Romans, Celts and Norwegians. It symbolized life and fertility, and today we associate it mainly with putting kisses underneath. Hanging over the table on Christmas Eve, it is meant to ensure satisfaction, happiness and abundance for the new year.bring to mind Christmas pastries. In fact, all Christmas decorations with mistletoe look wonderful - the rest depends on our fantasy.

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We present you our offer of ecological decorations. Especially for you, we create Christmas and Advent wreaths, mini-Christmas trees and mistletoe balls and bouquets. We also offer nature painted, paintings and forests in jars.