Wreaths and garlands


We make handmade wreaths and reeds from fresh Nobilis spruce, on straw or non-woven surfaces. We make ornaments in different sizes and varieties. We ensure careful execution, because we know how important it is, especially when it comes to Christmas and Advent decorations. We also make wreaths based on the patterns you have given. Our offer includes: Advent, Christmas, autumn and spring wreaths.


Advent garlands Although their history goes back hundreds of years, the tradition of making Advent garlands took root in the 19th century. Their shape was to refer to infinity and therefore, they have no beginning or end. Traditional Advent wreaths have four candles which symbolize light and warmth and the life dependent on them. Every following Sunday waiting for Christmas, a candle should be lit. In response to this beautiful custom, we offer you garlands made with the utmost care and with the best materials.


Selv om historien deres strekker seg hundrevis av år tilbake, slo tradisjonen med å lage adventskranser rot for godt på 1800-tallet. Formen deres skulle referere til uendelighet. Tradisjonelle adventskranser har fire lys som symboliserer lys og varme og livet som avhenger av dem. Som svar på denne vakre skikken tilbyr vi kranser laget med den største forsiktighet og av de beste materialene.


Christmas garlands Christmas garlands allow you to take care of the magical mood from the very beginning. Why not invite guests with a Christmas-smelling garland hanging from the door? Garlands made of high quality products will allow you to enjoy the beauty for a really long time. Natural Christmas garlands perfectly match dried fruit, wooden accessories and bells tied with natural strin


Autumn garlands delight with their rich palette of juicy colours. They bring to mind fluffy blankets and the aroma of hot tea with ginger. Our natural decorations help to create a cosy interior, with subtle, beautiful and autumnal colours. We offer you autumn ecological garlands in various styles, so they will look great in any interior. The materials we use keep the freshness and naturalness, which makes the compositions will look beautiful for a long time.


Fir Nobilis is otherwise noble fir and these are its properties and appearance. The tree reaches up to 25 meters in height, has a dense, wide-conical crown. The needles are up to 3 cm long and are bluish-green or silvery in color. Due to its excellent quality properties and unique visual qualities, Nobilis fir is perfect for the preparation of centerpieces, wreaths and many other Christmas decorations.


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We present you our offer of ecological decorations. Especially for you, we create Christmas and Advent wreaths, mini-Christmas trees and mistletoe balls and bouquets. We also offer nature painted, paintings and forests in jars.