Natural decorations in wholesale

We invite wholesale customers to cooperation. We are producers of decorations which we create from our own plants. We offer a wide range of natural decorations, which, both together and separately, constitute a unique decoration of each interior. Our ecological decorations will allow you to enrich your offer or decorate various rooms beautifully.

Mistletoe decorations

The mistletoe was considered an exceptional plant by the Ancient Romans, Celts and the
Neds. It symbolized life, fertility, the Sun and the Moon. Today we associate it mainly with
kisses, and this custom began in 17th century England. Hanging over the Christmas table

Wreaths and girlands

When we create our green decorations, we think about both aesthetics and the environment.We try to be as close to nature as possible. So, you getunique decorations that will help create a unique atmosphere in every interior.

Mini-Christmas trees

Our offer also includes mini-Christmas trees. We create them from the Stricta juniper and Smaragd thuja, sprinkle them with nuts, cones and acorns. Season with cinnamon and orange, and cover it all with natural jute.


Forest in Glass

These unique, natural decorations will allow you to feel the proximity of nature even in a
multi-storey building, in the middle of the city. Enchanted in bottles and jars, the miniature
ecosystems enchant with their diversity.

Nature-painted pictures

Thanks to the fact that our paintings painted with nature are made of natural elements, they are very pleasant for the eye and the interior they are in. They bring to mind a green forest, soft moss and the soothing proximity of nature.

Natural decorations

We present you with a catalogue of natural decorations, which we realize with care for beauty and environment. Our ecological products are made from the best quality ingredients and are the work of true enthusiasts.

Welcome to Florempol!

We present you our offer of ecological decorations. Especially for you, we create Christmas and Advent wreaths, mini-Christmas trees and mistletoe balls and bouquets. We also offer nature painted, paintings and forests in jars.