Florempol Blog_deEine kurze Geschichte über Adventskränze

Eine kurze Geschichte über Adventskränze

The history of Advent wreaths dates back to the end of the 1830s. Johann Wichern, a German pastor and guardian of abandoned children, wondered how he could make their time waiting for Christmas pass. This is how the first Advent wreath was made. However, it was quite a wreath, as it consisted of a wooden wheel, the size of a carriage wheel, and 24 candles – one for each day that remained until Christmas. The pastor wanted to give the children a little bit of a family atmosphere. That is why he invited the children to pray together and light another candle every day. This is how a custom was created that is cultivated today in almost all Europe and the world. In Poland, this tradition dates back to the 1920s, in Wrocław.

Advent wreaths are marked by strong symbolism. Coniferous plants (fir, spruce, yew or pine) used to create them symbolize life and community. Their shape is also not accidental, as it is supposed to refer to infinity – so they have neither beginning nor end. Candles are a metaphor for heat and light, and the existence that depends on them. Today we find mainly four-candle wreaths, each representing a different Advent Sunday. The first candle is the Candle of Hope, the second is Peace, the third is Joy, and the fourth is Love.

Advent wreaths, or rather their size, are also becoming the subject of competition. Currently, the record belongs to the inhabitants of the Swiss commune of Mosnang. Their wreath reached 120 meters in diameter and 400 meters in circumference. It is equipped with four electric worlds, each almost 6 meters high.

It is certainly a beautiful tradition that brings joy not only to children. Fragrant and announcing good news Advent wreaths help to give the interior a unique and sublime atmosphere. Lovers of minimalism usually choose the slightly austere and dignified, sparingly decorated Advent wreaths. Those who love shine will surely be tempted by the versions with red and gold accessories. Surely everyone can find their own way to count down the days remaining until Christmas. Waiting for Christmas is one of the greatest moments of the year. It is worth providing it with an appropriate setting that will please the eye and spirit. Advent wreaths are one of the best – and most beautiful – ways to feel the magic of the upcoming holidays.