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What beneficial substances are found in mistletoe?

If we want to find out what beneficial ingredients we find in mistletoe, we should remember that mistletoe is a collective name for over seventy shrub species. Furthermore, the composition of the plant will vary depending on which tree the shrub will grow on. Generally speaking, mistletoe usually contains lectins (a type of protein), sugar alcohols (otherwise polyols), amino acids, polysaccharides, phytosterols and flavonoids, as well as oleic, betulin and ursolic acids. In addition, we can also find zinc, potassium and calcium in mistletoe. Such a rich composition makes mistletoe used for the production of natural medicines and cosmetic products. 

The composition of mistletoe makes it positively affect concentration and memory, and also helps to eliminate the symptoms of senile dementia. Since mistletoe has properties that have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, it also allows for better oxygenation and nutrition of the brain, which translates into better brain performance. In addition to improving mental performance, mistletoe preparations will also work well for other age-related ailments, such as hearing impairment and numbness in limbs. All of these ailments are connected with the worst condition of the cardiovascular system.

The list of ailments that can help us alleviate (prevent or eliminate them) also includes diabetes mellitus (mistletoe preparations have a prophylactic effect, reducing the risk of this disease), slower metabolism (which can cause overweight and digestive problems), and abnormal pancreatic function. Preparations containing mistletoe extracts improve pancreatic function by stabilizing hormones secreted by it.

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