Florempol BlogHow to deal with this unique plant which is mistletoe?

How to deal with this unique plant which is mistletoe?

According to tradition, mistletoe should be treated in a specific way. First of all, when choosing twigs to hang in our household, pay attention to the amount of fruit. The more tiny, milky white balls – the better. The next big question about mistletoe is where to hang it. According to tradition, mistletoe can be hung over the kitchen or over the front door. It is also possible to hang it over the Christmas Eve table. However, if we want the mistletoe to hang over the heads of household members during Christmas Eve dinner, we should be careful to hang it at the right moment. This should be done just before everyone sits down at the table, so that the first star is already in the sky.

Last but not least is the storage of mistletoe. According to tradition, it cannot simply be thrown away. So what should be done? First of all, the twigs should be dried. Then we should put them in a safe place where they can look forward to the next Christmas, during which we will exchange them for fresh ones. Drying and leaving the mistletoe at home for the whole year is to guarantee health, happiness and harmony to the household. If we throw away the twigs, the mistletoe power will stop working. And what’s more – its magical properties will turn against us. This means that those in love who kissed under the mistletoe will quarrel (or part), and there will be disagreement among the household.

It is also worth knowing that mistletoe is a great material for creating Christmas decorations. Due to its flexibility and elasticity, it is perfect for making reeds and wreaths. Decorations made of mistletoe can be really beautiful. Juicy green in combination with milky white balls, is an excellent base for creating decorations. Mistletoe will blend beautifully with, among others, with red, gold and silver, as well as with fresh conifer branches.

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