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Forest in a jar – why is it worth it?

Contact with nature is one of the best ways to improve your mood. Forests in a jar are one of the best ways to always be close to her. So they decorate houses, institutions, offices and offices, allowing you to enjoy soothing greenery. However, it seems that this is not as young a trend as we believe.

One of the theories says that already several centuries ago, the Chinese began to cultivate forests in glass. Another assumes that the creation of this idea corresponds to an 18th-century British doctor who worked in botany in his spare time. And as in many cases, the discovery of the possibility of creating a microclimate in the bottle was a coincidence. Ward’s boxes, known today, were named after their originator and a doctor interested in plants, Dr. Nathaniel Ward.

Plants in glass are a great gift idea, also for those who find it difficult to keep traditional flowers in good condition.

This does not mean, however, that forest in glass does not have its own requirements. Rather, closed compositions should consist of plants that tolerate moisture well. They should also not be exposed to direct sunlight – neither in summer nor in winter. The tightness of the jar or bottle is also extremely important, thanks to which the forest will be able to create its own microclimate. In turn, open systems need more frequent watering and proper water selection, especially if they contain moss (it should be distilled water or so-called rainwater). It is worth remembering that natural decorations containing succulents are more photophilous. They also withstand fluctuations in temperature better.

Properly selected plants and substrate are of course the most important for a successful composition. Under the supervision of specialists, decorations are created that please the eye, without being too demanding elements of the decor. That is why the plants enchanted in the glass are a good gift idea for those who “have no hand” for flowers. They beautifully complement the minimalist-style interiors, but also allow you to introduce a bit of bliss in offices that operate at a crazy pace. The closed ones are also great for children’s rooms, not only as decorations. Watching the changes that occur in a closed plant world can be very developing for little botanists.

We hope that the catalog of floral decorations in glass created by Florempol will allow you to find the perfect option for yourself. It is very important to be surrounded by nature, because it also soothes manners.

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